Beacons by Gregory Norminton

Published June 9, 2013

Beacons by Gregory Norminton

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This is a collection of short stories written around the subject of climate change, which sort of put me off to start with because it’s such a divisive subject, and because there was bound to be some preaching involved.

Actually, it wasn’t too bad in that sense. There was information at the beginning and at the end, but the real focus was on the stories. Ranging from simple looks at humanity as it was, or is now, to wild predictions about what the future could be like, there was a vast spread of interests. I found what I usually do with books like these - some I wasn’t that interested in, but those that I was, I ended up disappointed that the stories were so short!

I’m still not convinced that short stories are for me, but this was a good fit ‚Äì particularly the dystopian worlds in our future. At first, you think they are quite far fetched but when you get to thinking about it and everything happening with the world today, they seem more and more believable.

Rating: Unrated

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