Band-Aid for a Broken Leg by Damien Brown

Published May 8, 2015

Band-Aid for a Broken Leg by Damien Brown

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The memoirs of an MSF doctor working in three different African locations, all with their own issues and requirements from the medical staff trying to help them out. Detailing the incredible highs and horrific lows from his time spent in the field, Damien is refreshingly honest about the situations MSF staff face, as well as his own reactions to the situation.

It’s a fascinating read, particularly to see how these people in some terrifying conditions, just manage to get on with their lives and complain very little. The juxtaposition when Damien returns from his first mission to a high-tech hospital in his home town of Australia is frightening, and just another example of the widening gap of the haves and have-nots.

Definitely worth a read, a mostly non-judgemental piece that only serves to open your eyes and ponder what kind of a difference you are making to the world, but more than that, whether it’s your place to make a difference anyway.

Rating: Unrated

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