Around the World in 80 Trains by Monisha Rajesh

Published April 5, 2021

Around the World in 80 Trains by Monisha Rajesh

Book info

  • Title Around the World in 80 Trains
  • Author Monisha Rajesh
  • Year 2019
  • Genres Non-fiction, Travel

From the cloud-skimming heights of Tibet's Qinghai railway to silk-sheeted splendour on the Venice Simplon-Orient-Express, Around the World in 80 Trains is a celebration of the glory of train travel and a witty and irreverent look at the world. Packing up her rucksack – and her fiancé, Jem – Monisha Rajesh embarks on an unforgettable adventure that takes her from London's St Pancras station to the vast expanses of Russia and Mongolia, North Korea, Canada, Kazakhstan, and beyond. The journey is one of constant movement and mayhem, as the pair strike up friendships and swap stories with the hilarious, irksome and ultimately endearing travellers they meet on board, all while taking in some of the earth's most breathtaking views.


A lovely book this one, very much following in the footsteps of Michael Palin. Travelling the world in a unique and respectful way, engaging with the various strangers you meet along the way, learning about them and telling their stories. Some of the book was more interesting than other parts of it, there’s only so many ways to describe travelling on a train after all!

But the travel through North Korea was insightful and amazing, the passages about building of the railways, of the difference they have made to areas, I really loved it.

Rating: 4 / 5

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