Anything is Possible by Gareth Southgate

Published December 26, 2022

Anything is Possible by Gareth Southgate

Book info

  • Title Anything Is Possible
  • Author Gareth Southgate
  • Year 2022
  • Genre Self-help

YOU have the potential to make ANYTHING POSSIBLE. In this hugely positive and helpful book for readers aged 12 and up, Gareth gives YOU the tools to be confident, resilient and to overcome your own challenges for your exciting journey ahead, wherever it takes you. BE BRAVE. Bravery is not just the kind of heroic act that earns a medal. It's the quality we need to step out of our comfort zones and take on new challenges. BE KIND. A force for good that comes from the heart, kindness changes lives. It opens up opportunities and can be our greatest strength. FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS. We all have a story to tell in life. It's down to us what it will be about. So, let's begin writing YOUR STORY - and make it one that truly shines.


I listened to the audiobook of this, ready by Gareth Southgate himself. It’s a book aimed at young people to help inspire and guide them, and give them some tips and tools to start goal-setting and really making progress in their lives & careers. But this advice works for anyone, and is dispensed in a really clear and concise way, with solid examples from Gareth’s own life experience to illustrate the points. Very good, I particularly enjoyed the short and long term goal setting section.

Rating: 5 / 5

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