Animal Farm by George Orwell

Published December 13, 2014

Animal Farm by George Orwell

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This is a classic book, that I picked up partly because it was on my big read list and partly because it’s such a part of culture and referenced on so many occasions, that I felt I was missing out. I’m not sure I was, really. It’s short and to the point, a clear shot at communism that is barely masked by satire.

I was interested to start with, wondering how it would all turn out, but in the end it felt like it was dragging on, despite the book’s brevity. The twist at the end is a good finish, although as such a classic I knew what was coming before I got there.

I’m glad I read it, because now I don’t feel like there’s a gap in my knowledge, but I’m not sure it’s made a huge difference to me at all.

Rating: Unrated

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