Angels & Demons by Dan Brown

Published January 27, 2005

Angels & Demons by Dan Brown

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Robert Langdon is a symbologist/history professor at an American university, but he is dragged from his bed halfway across the world to a puzzle in Rome. The Vatican is under threat, and Langdon has to join forces with a feisty Italian scientist to follow the clues and fix the problem.

Langdon isn’t your regular action hero or pin-up, and it’s slightly disappointing that he is teamed up with another pretty but smart stereotype. Dan Brown wastes no time in setting up the connection between them, and their relationship simmers throughout their adventures.

A cross between a whodunnit, and a page-turning adventure story, there are plenty of twists and turns to make this an unputdownable, if conventional, book. The characters are strong, intelligent and independent, but some of their speeches about technology and ancient rituals can come across as patronising. Overall, I liked it though.

Rating: Unrated

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