A House in the Sunflowers by Ruth Silvestre

Published June 17, 2015

A House in the Sunflowers by Ruth Silvestre

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I like reading about people upping sticks and moving to a new country for a fresh take on life, but this one had the balance of the new French abode being a summer home rather than a full time lodging. Visits at least twice a year describe how the rickety old house is gradually whipped into shape, and how the family and their many visitors fall in love with the place - and the surrounding villagers as well.

This wasn’t as interesting as some memoirs are, there weren’t many challenges facing the family in France and it was a gradual process with no major concerns over funding the overhaul. Instead the focus is on the beauty of the area, incredible descriptions of the food and how different and relaxed life is in the rural setting compared to London.

I’ll be honest that by the final harvest, I was a little bored of the descriptions - they work really hard, then enjoy bountiful food as a reward, and go to bed worn out but very satisfied. Regardless, it’s a quick and easy read, one that will make you just jealous enough to start considering your own holiday home in the south.

Rating: Unrated

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