The land of tomorrow

Published April 21, 2023

A still from Hello Tomorrow! featuring Billy Crudup as Jack

I expected to like one of the latest shows on Apple TV+, Hello Tomorrow! because I’ve grown to love Billy Crudup and he was front and centre of this series. Oh and he’s selling real estate on the moon and we all know how much I love that celestial object.

The show is styled as ‘retro-futuristic’ which is a word that makes my head fizz a bit, but I guess that’s the best description of it. It’s like the 50s but with the addition of flying cars and robot waiters and frequent rocket ships to the moon.

Big on concept to start with, the series actually develops into more of a moralistic, family-orientated drama, with gentle comedy baked in. I don’t want to say too much about it for fear of spoiling it, other than to say if you start and are a bit confused by the first episode, do stick with it if you can as it really grows on you.

Billy Crudup is great as Jack, with slightly less manic energy than he has in The Morning Show, but still the same kind of smarts. There’s also a great turn by Hank Azaria and Haneefah Wood who make a fantastic double act. In fact, everyone that makes up the ensemble adds something special - from the stick-in-the-mud colleague, to the earnest long lost child, to the public servant that mixes up his words.

The other great thing about the series is that it’s made up of thirty minute episodes, which are a luxury at this point. I’m all for TV being given the space it needs, and quite like the fact that episodes don’t have to be a regimented length when they’re on streaming platforms. But sometimes it’s nice to know exactly what to expect, and that you can whizz through a few episodes at a time because they are deliciously short and sweet.

Overall, this was a total hit for me, and I hope it comes back for a second series because it feels like there’s a lot more that can be mined from this retro-future world.

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