Making a mountain out of a molehill

Published March 11, 2023

An illustration of a newspaper front page

I’ve been reading the Financial Times for about ten days now. I mean, I say reading it which sounds very grandiose but it’s more like scanning the homepage for interesting topics. There have been a couple each day, although naturally the weekend is quieter than during the week. I’ve been surprised at the variety, though, with lots of culture stuff that’s interesting, TV reviews, and even recipes! Plus all the expected economic talk as well, of course.

Here are a few posts I’ve found interesting over the past week or so:

  • A story about the return of The Mandalorian and where the Star Wars franchise stands in terms of new content versus bringing back familiar figures. Interesting post but oof, there were some big words in here (meretricious and lachrymose!).
  • I’m pretty bored by coverage of the Royals these days, but this post about being a gardener for King Charles was both interesting and laid out really well with lovely photos.
  • Fascinating post about a Cornish village going all in on ground-source heat pumps, which I liked as it’s the first time I’ve really heard of people doing this as a group rather than just one off houses here and there.
  • The saga around Toblerone’s Matterhorn symbol seems over the top, who even knew there was a mountain symbol on the packaging, let alone which particular mountain it is?
  • Ted Lasso season 3 review - not completely positive but “the need for comfort and escapist cheer didn’t end after the peak of the pandemic. For anyone feeling down, Ted Lasso remains a winner.”

I’m very happy with my reading so far. The only thing I’ve realised is that I’m trying to make a habit of this but have currently been doing it in place of something else, which I want to get back to once the month is over. So I need to find a new time to do the reading, to make sure it does become a habit. I’ve been using the browser but for the second half of the month, I might try the app instead and see how I get on.

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