Trying - Season 1, Episode 4 quotes

Published February 5, 2023

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Last year, in preparation for the new series of Trying, I started rewatching the show from the beginning and loved it so much that I had to start pulling out the best quotes from each episode to refer back to. I only got a couple of episodes done last year but I’m picking up the thread again now with some more absolute gems.

Hungover and not expecting visitors:

Jason: We’ve actually got our days mixed up, we didn’t realise the home visit was today.

Penny: Yes, I can see that.

Jason: But if you want to come in and wait inside, we just need a few minutes.

Penny: How many minutes?

Nikki: [Inside, big crash] SHIT.

Jason: A few. Yea.

Book maths:

Nikki: We need some more books. We need a three-to-one book to DVD ratio.

Jason: Throw out a lot of DVDs then.

Nikki: Right, there’s a box of books upstairs. Take down all the ones that make us look clever.

Jason: I don’t think we’ve got many of them.

Nikki: Alright, just get rid of the diet ones and the biographies of footballers.

Desperately want one of these t-shirts now:

Nikki: Jason, how many Ramones t-shirts have you got?

Jason: I don’t know, I’m a fan.

Nikki: Well, you can be a fan of the band without dressing like their roadie.

Jason: Well what then?

Nikki: I don’t know, something that hasn’t been fired out of a t-shirt cannon.

Lovely, LOVELY Penny:

Penny: No, sorry, I’ve got to say this. You’re great, both of you. But if I can give you some advice. Don’t try to be those people. Because that’s not who you are, that’s not who the kids are. They don’t grow up in houses with quinoa and rocking horses. We rip them out of their lives and we move them two miles away and it might as well be the other side of the world. So, what I’m saying is, less wooden doll’s house, more Barbie’s rainbow castle.

The real best nights:

Jason: How long’s all that take?

Nikki: An hour and twenty.

Jason: Yea, alright. Let’s do this.

Nikki: Only if you want to.

Jason: I do. You?

Nikki: Yea, yea. [checks phone] Oh, okay, that text wasn’t meant for us.

Jason: That’s SUCH good news. What do you reckon? Early night and a Bake Off?

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