Social niceties

Published January 25, 2023

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Wahey, I’m on Mastodon! You can find me here and I hope to be using it as a full on Twitter replacement and actually engaging with it rather than falling into the on-again-off-again pattern that I had with the bird one. My path to Mastodon has essentially been:

  • Oh, something’s up with Twitter, it’ll probably be alright though, continue as usual
  • All anyone talks about on Twitter now is the demise of Twitter. Check less often
  • Third party apps have been switched off. You want me to use the website? Mm, no, that’s Twitter fully gone for me
  • I know everyone’s talking about Mastodon but it sounds complicated and no one is really there and do I even need a Twitter replacement?
  • Hmm, I am missing the discovery part of social networking - the news, the memes, the rabbit holes of film trivia, the jokes, the fascinating facts
  • Ooh, Ivory (terrible name for it but great app!) is out which makes Mastodon as easy to use as Tweetbot was for Twitter!
  • Okay, well, there may not be everyone here yet but if I don’t move, I can’t be sad no one else is moving across either. Let’s all move!

And so, here we are. I wrote previously that I’d be blogging more because some of the little things I would previously just have tweeted now had nowhere to go. I’m still going to try and keep that mentality, because my blog is my castle, but I do think there’s a lot of benefit in having a functioning social space like Twitter was. Hopefully Mastodon can seamlessly fill the gap, but we shall see!

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