Handle your missus

Published December 31, 2022

The marketing poster for Katherine Ryan’s stand up show ‘missus’ featuring Katherine Ryan looking straight on in a pink littery outfit

The festive holidays have previously been a time when stand up comedians release some of their recent content for the public to buy. It used to be DVDs that could be given as gifts, but of course, more recently that has been a show popping up on streaming services to be enjoyed from the sofa. The pandemic put a bit of a hold on stand up comedians doing what they do best but it feels like the humour train is rolling back into action.

I’ve been on the lookout for any streaming standup this year that might make for good holiday viewing - it’s the kind of thing that’s perfect for the fog of days between Christmas and New Year, and only one has really popped up on my radar: Katherine Ryan. The show Missus was released for streaming on Now TV for a short window of a month, and I very quickly devoured it. It’s brilliant.

The concept of the show is Ryan updating us on her life over the last couple of years, as previous shows have seen her talking very strongly about being a single mother and not needing a man in her life… and now she’s happily married with a new baby and an adorable family. What on earth happened? Even Katherine is surprised, and shares the story with us. It’s hilarious and heart-warming with still a few nuggets of wisdom and feminism to leave you feeling empowered. My favourite moments were the caricature impressions of husband Bobbie K, many asides about paracetamol and the unusual stoicism of Paul the lodger.

I’m hoping more stand up comedy is on the way from everyone because laughter is the best medicine… except for paracetamol.

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