Strictly Come Dancing 2022, Week 3 thoughts

Published October 10, 2022

Strictly Come Dancing glitterball

Movie week! I’m always surprised how quickly the first theme week rolls in but I was ready for it this time - bring on the costumes! The opening number from the professionals didn’t really get me in the mood, though, I have to say. I don’t know Encanto, it’s still on the ’to watch’ list, but it wasn’t a rip-roaring number which is a shame. However, the Anton glitterball heist made up for it, and led us straight into the dancing.

Richie & Giovanni - Samba

This was a brave routine, starting behind the judges and then dancing right in front of them. The first couple of steps seemed okay but then oof, it seemed to fall off a cliff. The outfits really didn’t help, either. At least Gio seemed to be having a good time, I did not like this one. I’m so confused by the high scores from the judges. Shirley was surprisingly positive and Anton is surely not right that Richie has control of himself yet, he’s getting there but not yet.

Molly & Carlos - Waltz

The brown hair makes her look so different. It was a good dance but I was quite distracted by the song, not sure about that. Unlike their dance last week which was colourful and almost iconic, this one was functional but forgettable. I quite liked Craig having a little reminisce in the corner though.

Kym & Graziano - Charleston

“Graz likes to call it props-ography. I just call it something else to remember.” Kym had a lot to learn this week but it was a very fun Charleston. Not zany and perhaps a bit cautious in places, but really good. She does look so much like Cilla Black in that wig!

Hamza & Jowita - Rumba

On paper, the concept of this dance sounds crazy: rumba to the theme tune to Jurassic Park, what now? But actually the concept was okay. The two inflatable dinosaurs in the training footage made me sad they weren’t doing that in the actual show, but ultimately what they did was quite good. It was a bit too smiley and not so sensual, but I’ve seen a lot worse rumbas. Quite low scores but not bad for a rumba!

Ellie & Johannes - Cha Cha Cha

The training VT made me really nervous that this wasn’t going to go well, but thankfully it did. Straight logs popping up occasionally, great character, although there were a couple fo weird moments. Love the little squee behind the newspaper at the end. Craig called it stompy but that the story was told well which is pretty spot on. Low scores though.

Matt & Nadiya - Viennese Waltz

In hold and in the spins, it was okay but to me the rest felt a bit unbalanced and a bit earnest. Mr C was picking sizable holes in the CGI plane, which was more interesting than the dance. Mixed reviews from the judges and I get the feeling Nadiya is really worried about how he’s taking the comments.

Tyler & Dianne - Charleston

I can’t quite believe that Tyler did the marathon and then trained for the Charleston but omg, he pulled it off. It was so good! Amazing character, great lifts, fab energy, so good. He got a fab-u-lous from Craig. As always, it feels early for tens (despite Shirley’s catchphrase) but I do think this one deserved it!

Fleur & Vito - American Smooth

Tess, stop trying to make Fleur-maid happen. Good straight legs in the lift, but I’m not sure the song (fantastic as it is) works for an American Smooth. She looked and danced amazing though. Judges suggest good movement and performance but need to focus on the details.

James & Amy - Cha Cha Cha

They popped to a Secret Cinema to get in the mood. “What superhero doesn’t shimmy?” Good character and the solo stuff was great. The legs seemed good but the trousers were quite loose and may have been hiding some sins. Shirley said James had made her proud, which is nice, but otherwise they were mixed reviews.

Ellie & Nikita - Quickstep

They did the voiceover announcement of the couple/dance in the silent movie style which was amazing. Bit out of time at the beginning but once in sync, it was great. Not the best dance from Ellie, I think, but a lot of fun. Nikita looks so weird with a moustache, it was like Bugsy Malone. And he managed to leave a moustache mark on her cheek, which makes a change from lipstick marks!

Will & Nancy - American Smooth

Another good dance from Will. I wasn’t impressed by the watermelon because that’s not the same bit of the film, but sure. He’s so good and really has great charisma. The spin might have gone slightly awry but otherwise top work. Motsi was really into it, and talking to Claudia, Nancy continued to show off her quirky nature.

Tony & Katya - Samba

I was really worried about this one, Samba is hard and Tony is a real beginner. How have I never clocked that they reference Tony Adams in the actual movie? I’ll be watching that tomorrow, for sure. It’s actually not that bad, not samba bounce etc, but not cringey. And so fun and brave at the end. How did they not end on this one?? “Can we watch it again please?” Motsi says.

Helen & Gorka - Viennese Waltz

Fitting tribute to ONJ. The picture of Gorka (with the terrible quiff) turned to real life which was clever. Smooth dance, nice and simple and effective. The quiff really needed some work, but the dance was so good I couldn’t focus on it. Good comments, good scores!

Jayde & Karen - Cha Cha Cha

She’s so body-confident, it’s incredible. “Two women, with very different physiques, dancing together, and nailing it.” That’s exactly what it was. Amazing. Jayde screamed as every score was revealed.

Not a surprise that Tyler was at the top of the leaderboard, followed by Molly, Kym and Will. At the bottom end of the table, Tony, Matt and Ellie (who was a bit undermarked, I think). My prediction was for the bottom two to be Matt and James, or maybe Hamza. The middle of the table is always a worrying place to be.

And so it turned out! The bottom two were Richie and Fleur. It’s a shame but I can understand Richie being in there, he went first so was forgettable, was middle of the table and was overmarked anyway. Fleur was more of a surprise, and the judges obviously thought so too, saving her for another week. We roll on to week four!

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