Strictly Come Dancing 2022, Week 2 thoughts

Published October 3, 2022

Strictly Come Dancing glitterball

We had fun last week, but this was the real start of the competition where things hot up and someone has to go home. I managed to swot up via It Takes Two in a hurried fashion over just a couple of days, so I was ready to be super knowledgeable about everything. Except then you get to the live show and anything can happen! It felt like there were so many mistakes this week, right from the start… everyone’s forgotten how to do the live shows. But they’ve remembered how to dance and that’s all that matters.

Let’s have a quick canter through the dances and what went down on Saturday.

Will & Nancy - Salsa

During the week, someone referred to Will as potentially the new Kelvin which opened my eyes a bit but is so true. Just going out there and knocking it out of the park, particularly when it comes to hips. And this week showed that even more with a salsa. Will didn’t look quite so confident during the dance, maybe nervous about the lifts, but he was great in the side by side sections. Poor Jambo was very disappointed with himself but the comments were worse than the scores.

James & Amy - Tango

The training footage looked very promising with a lot of character and thankfully James delivered. Much better than last week with all the steps in the right order. Maybe it wasn’t quite intense enough but Amy’s scream at the end suggested she was happy with it.

Ellie & Nikita - Waltz

It’s really interesting and enlightening to see how they are adapting to each other and the dances and they both seem to be relishing the challenge. It was a beautiful song, incredible dress, great dance. Waltzes are usually boring and this one absolutely wasn’t, and there were tears all round by the end. Loved it.

Helen & Gorka - Cha Cha Cha

Learning how to love yourself is surely something a lot of people can relate to. Great dress but the dance wasn’t perfect - a bit stop, start in places and even I could see that there weren’t many straight legs. Great song though. And Helen’s quote: “I’m not sexy, I’m functional, I’m efficient.” I want that on a t-shirt.

Tony & Katya - Charleston

I say this every year, but it feels so early for a Charleston. And yet, this was the making of Tony! Yea, okay, he’s not a great dancer, but this was engaging and fun and very entertaining. And dude, Katya is a legend, she put herself into a bin and then also picked up the tallest man there’s ever been. I can’t see Tony going far in this competition but I’m glad we got to see this.

Ellie & Johannes - Paso Doble

Good intro with info about the Paso and the training looked good. I really think the song let them down, it felt far too perky to really get into the intense character that the judges were clearly looking for. I thought it was okay though, except for the slightly ungraceful ending. Love that Motsi has to now start translating Craig’s meanness for everyone else.

Richie & Giovanni - Quickstep

I know it’s only the training rooms but oof, the shorts and ballroom shoes look really doesn’t work for me. However, Richie is wonderful. This was hugely entertaining, maybe a bit pigeon-toed in places, but a lot of fun. I called it straight away that Craig would not be happy with the cartwheel. Good scores though.

Fleur & Vito - Viennese Waltz

I didn’t know this song at all which made it a bit harder to connect with, and I thought the dance was a bit boring really - which at least means it was done well with no glaring mistakes. The dress felt odd, really contemporary, but then the judges said this was a contemporary version of the dance, so that explains that.

Kaye & Kai - Charleston

This was so much worse than the other Charleston, and it was that criminal thing of a boring Charleston which is almost impossible to do (Oti and Danny the only other one I can think of off the top of my head). Kaye somehow managed to do bobble wobble head better than Kai though. “Underdanced and underwhelming.” Harsh but true.

Hamza & Jowita - Jive

“Crank it a lot slower for Grandpa Hamza.” You can see Hamza was making his absolute best effort but this did not seem to be in his comfort zone at all. It was quite sluggish and his free arm wasn’t doing anything. But he broke my heart saying he was too big for the jive. Some dances just don’t suit people and that’s okay. Jowita is fab, I can totally see her becoming a fan favourite any time now.

Kym & Graziano - Viennese Waltz

I was really worred about Kym after seeing her on It Takes Two and talking about the vertigo that is an actual medical thing as opposed to the people who make such a fuss and it never amounts to anything. She did really well though, and what a tune it was. Lovely dress, good comments, great scores. Hilarious Motsi getting confused about how many gorgeous Italians there are in the show now.

Matt & Nadiya - Samba

The samba is so hard, I feel sorry for anyone having to do it, even Matt. He’s just not coming across very well, and what is with that hat? Honestly, this dance is ticking all the wrong boxes for me - the singing wasn’t great, they somehow managed to make Nadiya look terrible which is a feat because she’s a goddess. There was no samba bounce, and oof those were tight trousers. Far too nice comments from the judges.

Tyler & Dianne - Jive

This was actually pretty good. I don’t know that it will go down in the classics of jives but it told a good story and had some pretty good moves. One of those incredible ‘jump right over another person’s head’ moves as well. “You’re the real deal,” says Shirley.

Jayde & Karen - Tango

Amazing character and excuse me, but there was a moment in the song where the audience were actually managing to keep time clapping which blew my mind a little bit. High drama, great leading, loved it. This partnership is making me love Karen a lot more.

Molly & Carlos - Quickstep

Stop trying to make umbrella-ogrophy happen. Poor Molly said ‘if it doesn’t work, it’ll look weird’ and whoops, it didn’t work. Very energetic dance, very fast but incredible work too. Top scores, great way to end the show.

Molly, Will and Hamza were top of the leaderboard then (both Will and Hamza quite helped out by last week’s score more than anything). Kaye, Matt and Tony were at the bottom. My prediction was Kaye and Tony for the dance off, with the judges picking Tony to stay thanks to the better character he put in to the dance.

It turns out the bottom two was actually Kaye and Tony, but the result was the same as I suspected. Kaye unfortunately bids farewell to the competition after only a week. I’m sad for her, but secretly quite relieved because I’m not a huge Kai fan and that means the rest of the show will be an absolute treat.

I can’t believe it’s movie week already next week but I’m really looking forward to it. Bring on the lights, camera, action!

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