Seek and ye shall watch

Published October 8, 2022

An analogue television with a blue filter over the entire picture

There’s been a marked decline in Film Watch posts recently and that’s not coincidentally timed with the fact that all the TV out there at the moment is SO GOOD. The amount of choice and content available on TV and via streaming services just keeps growing and growing, and not only that, it keeps getting better and better.

It’s fantastic, we’re living in a golden age of TV, I’m sure of it. But it does also make it quite tricky to know what to watch. It’s not about sitting there bored and saying ‘oh, I wish there was something to watch’, now it’s about ’there’s so much out there, what do I start with?’

So how do you find your content?

Mine is a big mix of different inputs and sources and then whatever I’m feeling like on the day. I’ve written before about using the TV Forecast app to keep track of what I’ve got on the go, and the best thing about that is where it highlights series that are returning. Keeping up with something I already know I love and is back for another outing is taken care of.

In terms of new things, the first point of call is the weekly TV guide. My Apple bundle gives me access to News and Magazines, a couple of which are TV guides. They usually give a good cross section of what’s popular and what’s new.

I follow a few TV people on Twitter and subscribe to a couple of newsletters that give good recommendations as well - a variety of shows that I’m well aware of but also secret gems that I wouldn’t necessarily think of. (Particularly recommend Scott Bryan for this.)

And then friends and family. My dad often messages me with recommendations (State of the Nation was one of his, although I didn’t think the second series was as good as the first), and a friend at work is always on hand with a good medical drama to watch.

Collating all this information, I’ll sit down and decide what I’m in the mood for at any given time. And with the volume of choice available, I have to make myself give each show an episode or two to bed in but then I’m super happy to skip it and move onto something else. There’s no time for watching something bad in the hopes it will get better. Move on and ask someone what else is out there!

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