Read the burn, feel the burn

Published September 27, 2022

A screenshot of Glen introducing BodyPump 97 with subtitles

One of the things Apple Fitness+ opened my eyes to was how much work needs to be done on making things accessible. They’ve done a great job with on screen graphics, presenters learning sign language, lots of options for various body types and abilities and more. There’s always more to be done but it’s also fascinating to see other fitness providers adapting as well.

I’ve subscribed to Les Mills on Demand (now also known as Les Mills+ I think… coincidence?) for years now, and was happy to see they added subtitles to the workouts a while back. Recently, however, they appear to have gone back and added subtitles to all the older sessions as well, meaning almost all the back catalogue is now just that bit more accessible.

I like having the subtitles on anyway to properly understand what some of the moves are called, and really pick up on some of the bits of banter that flow between the presenters. The transcriptions are really well done, not just a machine learning algorithm doing its best, but seemingly hand-crafted or corrected. There are phrases and words in there that no machine would get right!

There’s more for everyone to do, of course, but I love seeing the progression as it rolls out. Who’s next?

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