Q4 movies - Paint it black

Published September 11, 2022

An illustration of movie elements - popcorn, tickets, clapperboard, 3d glasses, surrounding a lit up sign saying Cinema Movie Time

By all accounts, the film industry is going through a bit of a lull right now. Some of that is no doubt due to the ongoing health and safety effects relating to the global pandemic, but there’s also talk of an issue around the huge television spectaculars (hobbits, dragons, superheroes and outer space, you know the type), plus certain streaming platforms snapping up their own VFX companies and thereby getting priority treatment.

Nevertheless, films are still being made and I thought it would be nice to see what is coming up over the next couple of months - this is based on cinema release dates where applicable so it may be that I don’t get to see the movies until later but they’re the only dates we have to go on!

My intention was to focus on Oct-Dec, but actually there are a couple of sneaky releases still to come in September that I’m looking forward to.


  • Ticket to Paradise. Any movie with Julia Roberts and George Clooney is going to get your attention, isn’t it? Plus it looks fun.
  • Don’t Worry Darling. The drama surrounding this film is unreal, but I’ll watch anything Florence is in these days.
  • Mrs Harris Goes to Paris. Lesley Manville is working towards legend status, but more than anything this looks like a cute feelgood story with its own bonus ‘big mistake, huge’ moment.


  • The Lost King. An odd little movie about one woman’s crusade to dig up a car park to find a king. I had no idea this was the story behind the dig so fascinated to watch this one.
  • Black Adam. The Rock has been hyping this up for MONTHS so I’ll be glad to watch it just to get it out of the way.


  • Black Panther: Wakanda Forever. An absolute must.


  • Avatar: The Way of Water. Another sequel that nobody asked for? I wasn’t that bothered by the original movie but probably can’t avoid this one.
  • I Wanna Dance with Somebody. Oh Whitney. ❤️

And then of course, we’re into Christmas and all the amazing movies that come out then. And by amazing, I of course mean slushy snowy blub-fests. This isn’t a huge list of movies by any stretch, but there’s some entertaining stuff coming up and a lot of intrigue even if the quality doesn’t live up to anything. I’m looking forward to the next few months and beyond of Film Watch.

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