One person's junk...

Published August 22, 2022

An open junk journal, with pages full of arts and crafts

One of the things the TikTok algorithm thinks I like is watching people create their junk journal pages. It can be quite relaxing, but what I really like is having been introduced to something I didn’t know existed. It’s not a new concept but it had passed me by - effectively filling the pages of various notebooks and sketchbooks with collections of… for want of a better word… stuff.

It can be coloured papers, stickers, ribbons, feathers, old school tickets, wallpaper, anything you can stick in a book, basically. And then there’s usually a theme, based on colour or flowers or butterflies or coffee, etc, etc.

As I said, watching other people create their journals is relaxing, particularly as I know I just wouldn’t have the patience to do it myself. I don’t think I have the vision to be able to piece together a page the way I’ve seen people do and I can’t imagine the frustration once I’d stuck something down and then wanted to change it. I don’t think I’m made for this particular crafting effort.

But I do enjoy seeing the collections of junk that people have gathered, so many pages and notebooks and bits of stationery. Mmm. Maybe I can start the hobby just as an excuse to buy a nice notebook. There’s always room for another notebook, right?

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