Many murders in the building

Published August 28, 2022

Only Murders in the Building poster

There are so many slightly odd things about Only Murders in the Building that it’s incredible it works at all, let alone is really, really good. First off you have the bizarre addition of Selena Gomez to a more understandable duo of Steve Martin and Martin Short. But together, they are brilliant, her dry sarcasm against their bumbling enthusiasm and/or ineptitude works perfectly.

Then you have the fact that they started out as true crime podcast fans before getting mixed up in a real life murder mystery of their very own, in one of those old-school self-contained apartment buildings where there’s a doorman and a code of conduct and probably a dress code and more. The first series follows the trio solving a murder in the building, the second series sees them framed for a second death, and the third… well, we’ll get to that in a minute.

I feel like the first series was good but not great, still finding its feet. The episode that was almost entirely silent as it was from the perspective of a deaf person was incredible, but otherwise I wasn’t a completely converted fan. It was the kind of situation where I was never driven to instantly watch an episode when it was released, but when I did get round to it, I quite enjoyed it… before forgetting that fact and having to push myself to watch the next episode.

The second series grabbed me a lot more. The stakes were higher, the mystery more clear, and the side-plots and characters better crafted and included. I like it a lot better. And now, spoiler alert, we have a cliffhanger to lead us into the third series in which Paul Rudd (yes, actual Paul Rudd!) has appeared as a new character only to be killed off moments later. What is going to happen? I hope the upward trend of my fondness for this show continues and the third series is even better than those that have gone before. But I’m also glad that a show like this exists - it’s an odd one, and odd things are good and should be celebrated.

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