From top to bottom

Published August 12, 2022

Illustration of an internet web browser with url bar at the top

Being in the Apple device cycle means putting up with the unfortunate changes they make to their devices until either you get used to it or they roll it back. I tend not to complain too much about them because I’m still so hugely in awe of how brilliant my phone and iPad are, so the benefits far outweigh the cons.

But, we have to talk about Safari. The change was made to bring the URL bar down to the bottom of the page rather than it being at the top like all other browsers since the history of the internet began. I think the change was to bring the access closer to your thumbs and to the keyboard and I guess on some level that makes sense.

But it’s been deployed for about a year and I still, every single day, probably several times a day, look to the top of the screen and wonder where the bar is before remembering they moved it to the bottom. It sucks.

I guess it doesn’t help that all other devices and browsers still have the navigation bar at the top of the page, so the muscle memory isn’t being trained all the time. But it would feel even weirder for a desktop to suddenly start having the URL at the bottom. It feels more like the header, the title, being at the top of the page, and I can’t get my head round how it would be otherwise.

Sometimes it’s hard to change because you’re used to how something works and it’s just part of the routine. Sometimes, it’s hard to change because the change is rubbish and you want the old way back. No guesses which I think this one is!

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