Camera ready

Published June 1, 2022

Thirty day challenge logo

I’ve had a few months now that are more passive, reading challenges, so it’s time to turn the creative flow back on and do something productive. I’m going for something a bit more traditional this month - it’s June, it’s potentially summer, the sun should be out more than it isn’t, and there should be an opportunity for some good photos. That’s right, it’s a 30 days of photos challenge, where the plan, quite simply, is to take a fresh photo every day.

I love taking photos, but I’m not always great at it. I want to get a bit more creative about what I snap through the lens, and I equally hope that the challenge of taking something that is (hopefully) postable to my site each day will encourage that creativity. That’s not to say there won’t be a lot of photos of flowers because that’s where I’m at.

I have a few photo-related 30 day challenges on my potential list, but I think it’s good to start simply and this is as simple as it gets - there are no rules, just take a picture every day. Hooray! First up, a bit of purple to kick-start the journey.

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