Slow and steady

Published May 14, 2022

Gary Oldman in Slow Horses on Apple TV+

I’ve been meaning to write about Slow Horses for a week or so now, having wrapped up watching the six-episode first season - it’s brilliant! The first episode had me concerned, the opening sequence of a terrorist hunt in an airport going wrong was fab but then followed up by a grumpy boss being awful to his employees. However, the intrigue overrides that and once you hit the second episode, you can’t look away.

And yes, Lamb is a grumpy boss but one of the wonderful things about this show is that whilst you’re constantly waiting for the bit where he redeems himself and shows how much he really cares for those around him… that never really happens. He does the right thing, sure, and he does what he considers to be the professional thing, but if that aids anyone around him then that’s a bonus for them… there’s never a breakthrough moment that shows his human side. Even the big resounding ‘this is our Independence Day’ speech only reinforces how much he hates people.

Gary Oldman is perfect in this role and does a great job with it, but it works better for the enthusiasm of those around him - Jack Lowden does an equally good job as the young whippersnapper trying to prove himself, and I really wish there could have been more of Olivia Cooke but the story goes where it goes.

There’s a second series on the way, we saw clips of it as the credits rolled on the first, and already I can’t wait. I hope there will be more after that too - it’s a series of eight or so books so there’s scope for more. It goes without saying that now I’m going to read at least the book and see how they compare. And then maybe the second so I’m in the know for when the series airs.

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