When Eric eats a banana, an amazing transformation occurs

Published March 3, 2022

I had some leftover bananas that were quickly ripening and sure, I could have just eaten them, but where’s the fun in that? No, instead, I dug out a Mary Berry recipe for banoffee pie - something I have never made before and to be honest, haven’t eaten that often either. But biscuits, bananas, caramel, cream and chocolate can’t really go wrong, can it?

Banoffee pie

Hooray, it didn’t go wrong! I quite enjoyed making this, the only downside is it’s one of those recipes that isn’t so much baking, as assembling a layer and then waiting for it to cool, another layer, another long wait. It took me a good portion of the day to get this to its final state, but it was worth it.

The only thing I couldn’t quite get my head around was the clingfilm around the edge of the tin, I think it’s there to try and keep the edges neat, but it seemed to just make mine worse. And let’s not mention that big blob of chocolate on the top - my chocolate scattering needs some work, clearly.

This isn’t something I’d recommend making very often as it actually tastes like it’s shortening your life but, when you’ve had one of those weeks, it might just be the thing to turn it all around.

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