Crisp and clean

Published February 6, 2022

Crisps in a bowl

Like the best people, I’m completely obsessed with Inside the Factory - the TV show where Gregg Wallace, Cherry Healey and Ruth Goodman go behind the scenes in various factories to show us the history, the present and the future of how things are made. A recent episode featured the nation’s favourite tortilla chip (or better known as Doritos) and I was surprised at the lengthy process to get sweetcorn into those triangular treats.

But the segment that really caught my eye was Cherry visiting a factory that has managed to turn paper into a plastic-like wrap that can replace the very tricky-to-recycle crisp packets with something a little more environmentally friendly. Although the programme takes its BBC mandate to heart and doesn’t mention brand names where possible, it only took a minute of eagle-eye viewing to see that the crisps being wrapped in this new material were from Two Farmers.

These two brothers and farmers have a fresh outlook on both crisp making and crisp packaging, fully investing in this 100% compostible packet. In brief: “Two Farmers began with the vision of making delicious hand-cooked crisps that celebrate the true flavours of Herefordshire, whilst protecting this wonderful countryside with a 100% compostable packet.”

Of course, I had to test this out so purchased a mixed box of flavours - firstly, the crisps are delicious, crispy and crunchy, with excellent and strong flavours. But above all that, you can get the crisps either in this paper-based but plastic-like packaging, or in a tin. The packaging can go straight in with your compost and will break down naturally. This bit will obviously take a bit longer to test, but I have faith. I only got the packets but I desperately want to try the tin as well. Crisps in a tin sounds like fun!

This is such a good idea, I hope more snack companies can jump on board. You’re paying a bit more, perhaps, than you would for a Walkers but getting so much more for your money and doing your bit for the environment at the same time. Highly recommended!

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