Films to look forward to in 2022

Published January 2, 2022

Films to look forward to

Keeping track of what films are coming out when has been pretty difficult over the last couple of years, partly because of delays to release dates for obvious reasons, but also because it’s never quite clear how something is going to hit our screens. With a deep desire not to go to the cinema, I’m reliant on streaming options instead, and whilst it’s getting better all the time (Disney+ early releases, Apple TV rent it whilst in cinemas, etc), knowing when this stuff will be available is hard.

Still, that doesn’t stop me looking forward to a year of what will hopefully be good releases. I was keeping track of a few here and there, and then saw this collection on Rotton Tomatoes which encompassed all of mine and more.

But still, here are twenty of mine:

  1. The 355 (great cast getting together for a spy thriller, yes please)
  2. Marry Me (love most things J-Lo does)
  3. Death on the Nile (mixed feelings about the Orient Express one but you can’t miss a cast list like this)
  4. Uncharted (am I going to need to play the games first?)
  5. The Batman (not completely obsessed with DC like Marvel, but always interesting to see a new Batman)
  6. Turning Red (red pandas aren’t my favourite but this film looks adorable)
  7. The Lost City (love most things Sandy does)
  8. Ambulance (supposedly Michael Bay has toned down the explosions??)
  9. Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness (more multiverse, more madness)
  10. Top Gun: Maverick (I don’t think anyone needs this movie buuuuut still kinda excited for it)
  11. Lightyear (how this fits in the Toy Story universe boggles my mind a bit but still fun space stuff)
  12. Thor: Love and Thunder (Natalie Portman’s back!)
  13. Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse (Part One) (I didn’t know this was coming and already I’m on the edge of my seat for it)
  14. The Flash (the best thing from the Justice League movies)
  15. Black Panther: Wakanda Forever (we all know why, big love)

It’s going to be an interesting year for movies, as the wheels keep on turning, windows keep on shortening, sequels keep on rolling and I keep on watching. Can’t wait!

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