An art a day

Published August 8, 2021

DailyArt app

I mentioned yesterday in my post about Riviera that I wasn’t a huge art fan, and that’s true but it made me wonder if it’s because I don’t know enough about the subject matter. A solution to that quickly leapt to my attention - the DailyArt app.

The title says it all really, the app presents you with a new piece of art every single day with a bit of background and a story behind the piece. Giving art context really helps to appreciate it and there’s a good mix of modern and classic pieces. Plus if you don’t like something one day, there’ll be a brand new piece along the next day!

It’s another app that hooks into the bitesize learning phenomenon - that gamification trend of keeping things in short, sharp chunks and building up a streak of doing a small amount every day. It really works, I’ve done so much more language learning with Duolingo, and reading with Apple Books, trying to check in every single day.

Now it’s time to get arty, and maybe actually have an opinion on the Mona Lisa.

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