Be still

Published February 7, 2021


More and more content is being added to the Apple TV+ streaming service, and I’ve noticed they’ve started increasing their children’s output alongside the adult dramas and films. Recent additions include the acclaimed Wolfwalkers and a new series of Snoopy and Charlie Brown, but one that really caught my eye was Stillwater.

Obviously, it was the panda that made me give it a watch, and whilst the show itself is aimed at a younger audience, it is so beautiful, I had to watch the whole thing. Exquisite animation follows three kids through various situations, often requiring their neighbour Stillwater the panda to offer some wisdom and tell them a story that illustrates the moral of the episode.

What is glorious about this show is the feel of it. From the moment the opening scenes and credits roll, there’s calming music, a warming feel, glorious visuals and just a wonderful, soothing tone. Even just thinking about it now makes me feel a little bit better, a bit more zen.

Each episode has a point to it - the kids are trying something and it usually doesn’t go quite right, so there’s a lesson to be learned. But even though it’s for children, there’s still some good lessons in there for adults too. I really liked the episode where the siblings held a lunar eclipse party and then clouds got in the way. The underlying message was that it’s okay to be disappointed but actually, whilst the moon hid away, the kids still had a great party and spent a nice evening in each other’s company.

It sounds trite, but it’s not. It’s just lovely.

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