Christmas in the sun

Published December 27, 2020

Not everyone loves Christmas, obviously, and even more so when the festive season is taken out of context and moved to a different season than you’re used to.

Peter Kay’s YouTube channel popped this video of Car Share clips up recently, highlighting when Kayleigh brought her Christmas CD into the car during the height of summer. John wasn’t impressed, to say the least!

My favourite quotes:

She says that’s all she wants for Christmas, but I bet you any money if that’s all you got her, on Christmas morning she’d lose her frigging mind.

“Hear that noise? That’s Roy Wood, that is, cashing his royalty cheques.” “It reminds me of Christmas this!” “Yea, it will do.”

You put on two stone over two weekends, you don’t know what day it is, or when your bins are gonna be emptied. There’s piss all on television and they’ve got the cheek to repeat that twice. Sat in silence with people you can’t stand to see for the rest of the year, panic buying presents for them at the last minute. Then you’ve got Amazon leading you a merry dance, not delivering the parcels on time, hanging round GPO like an idiot in the rain.


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