Rocking the boat

Published November 28, 2020

Dark music room

This week the 2021 Grammy nominations were announced and immediately two things stood out to me: firstly, I get very confused by the categories at awards shows and secondly, by far the more important fact, women are having a really good showing this year!

For the first time ever, all the nominees for best rock performance are women, and the same can be said for the best country album (sort of - if you see Little Big Town as being fronted by the two women, which I do. To be honest, I see Little Big Town as being fronted by just the dark-haired one, so yea, to me it counts.)

I start getting confused when I look too deeply into the categories and genres - what’s the difference between album of the year and record of the year? What is pop versus traditional pop? Who even knew there were comedy albums still being made?

Other thoughts:

  • HAIM are nominated in a good few categories which is fab because they are brilliant and most talented.
  • Ricky Martin is on the list there somewhere… is he still Livin La Vida Loca?
  • There are a good few of the nominees for both album and record of the year that I need to listen to
  • I can’t believe Into The Unknown is nominated. That song is an abomination on the Frozen legacy.
  • There’s a category for best Album Notes? Amazing.

No matter how much music I listen to (and admittedly that has been a lot less during lockdown), there’s always so much more still to learn.

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