Face to face

Published September 20, 2020

New software became available this week for Apple devices - phones, iPads, TV, and watches - and brought lots of new and intriguing functionality. I can’t wait to get best use out of widgets to organise the phone home screens, tracking sleep on the watch, and scribbling various things on iPad with the pencil.

Apple Watch faces

But one of the things I didn’t think I would be so interested in has totally grabbed my attention, and that is sharing Apple Watch faces. Putting together the ideal watch face is something I wish I was better at but just can’t get interested in. I’ve settled on two main faces for my watch, one focusing more on activity, the other on weather and calendar info. I flip between those two and that’s about it.

Now there is the ability for someone, like Mr C for instance plucking a name completely out of nowhere, to make all my watch faces for me and just send them over. It also means app developers can put together a suggested watch face to make best use of their apps, and other sites can curate the best of the best.

An early contender for providing pre-made faces is buddywatch, a beautiful and simple selection of watch faces that range from good looking art for your wrist to handy at-a-glance information around a certain topic.

buddywatch faces

I’d been browsing only for a few minutes and had downloaded two fab watch faces. And it looks like the selection is being updated often so it’s worth keeping an eye on. Now if I could just get someone to organise all my phone apps as well, life would be perfect!

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