The Doctor and her family

Published March 16, 2020

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The most recent series of Doctor Who came to an end a week or so ago, the second full series to feature the Thirteenth Doctor, Jodie Whittaker. But is she really the Thirteenth Doctor? Such revelations in this series! Spoilers and stuff follow, so do be careful if you read on.

I’m talking to myself again. That’s a good sign.

Firstly, Jodie continued to be wonderful. Her Doctor had a bit more emotional fallout to deal with this time round, and it was interesting to see her isolating from the group a little bit towards the beginning of the series. It just showed off Jodie’s range though, and the one moment that stands out for me is when she was talking to herself in that final episode. So good and so difficult to do without looking weird.

And the Master, he had so much dialogue in this, but what a good storyteller. I know a lot of people are probably outraged at the revelations that came out in this episode, resetting the Doctor’s entire history but I’m not worried about that. It’s a good story, opens up interesting paths, and really made the Doctor’s past even more mysterious.

You ain’t got a time machine or a sonic… but you’re never afraid and you’re never beaten.

The conversation between Yaz and Graham was so lovely, and once again Graham really has been a shining star of the series in terms of companions. I felt a bit warmer towards the three this time than I did in the previous series but I think that comes from just having spent a bit more time with them. The main problem is that with three very distinct personalities alongside the Doctor’s huge story alongside whatever monster of the week is being battled, there really isn’t time to get to know them.

Previously in the series we’ve only had one or two companions, and more would only really work when the characters had already been established (ie. Captain Jack popping back or River Song joining the crew for a bit). Whilst I like the idea of the ‘fam’ in principle, it just seems like there’s not enough time to get to know them properly. It was great to see some of Yaz’s backstory but was it given enough time to really bed in? I don’t know.

So there are rumours that Bradley Walsh and Toisin Cole will be dipping out of the next series because they’ve got some rather busy schedules of their own to deal with. I’d miss Graham, definitely, but I do think it would be nice to see the Doctor able to fully connect with someone again, really get to know them, especially with so many swirling questions about her own identity at the moment. I don’t know if Yaz is the right person for the job but that’s probably because I don’t really feel like I know Yaz at all anyway.

Either way, with or without the larger group, the Doctor will be back in a battle with the Daleks, and whilst they get slightly more ridiculous every time we see them, that’s always fun.

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