Strictly Come Dancing - The Live Tour

Published January 22, 2020

I picked up tickets for the Strictly Come Dancing live tour back in November, when Strictly fever was at its height - in my household anyway. We were heading rapidly towards the finale with a good few names still left with a chance of winning (even though we all knew it would be Kelvin).

Fast-forward to the post-Christmas slump and the tickets didn’t really make sense anymore. The Strictly mood was long-since gone, we’re in the middle of January, a traditionally low month, and the glitter ball trophy and all those sequins couldn’t seem further away.

Still, on a freezing January night, Arena Birmingham was transformed into a ballroom and, to be fair, the colour did brighten things up a bit.

Strictly Live Tour

As fun as the show was, I have to admit to only staying for the first half. The format just didn’t work for me at all. For a start, Kelvin was still head and shoulders above the rest of the contestants, with only Karim to give him any pause.

Then you take into account that one of the joys of Strictly is the fact that the cameras give you the pre-planned best angles, and you have the luxury of pausing, discussing, rewatching, generally making of it what you want.

In real life, the dances are there and then they’re done. Now it was fun to see Alex go full Beyoncé but that’s offset by having to live through Magic Mike - once was surely enough for that.

I also wasn’t really sure what the judges were there for. It was quite fun to see Craig make Bruno laugh to the point that it seemed like the Italian wasn’t going to recover, but then they gave their thoughts on the dances in front of them (are they going to have to come up with something new to say every night?) and issued a score that was meaningless.

Apparently the vote lay in our hands, but we were expected to text our vote, costing more money. Some of it went to charity, but hey, I bought tickets for this show, I don’t also want to fork out for an already obvious winner.

Because, hey, Kelvin, the guy that can do flying push-ups:

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