Films to look forward to in 2020

Published December 29, 2019


So I did this round up last year, quickly running through other posts that had already collected upcoming releases and pulling out films that I thought I’d be interested in.

Turns out, I picked twelve films and only managed to watch half of them. Oh well! Let’s see how well I do this year. For reference, I’ve looked at the BBC, a selection from Total Film and a pretty long list on IGN.

Here’s what jumped out at me though:

Little Women - I’ve never been as huge a fan of this book as some are but people are raving about this new adaptation so I’m curious to see if it lives up to the hype.

Jojo Rabbit - I mean, it looks good and it’s got a great cast, but it also looks completely insane.

1917 - I feel like this is going to be really hard work, but the idea of it all supposedly being one shot is fascinating.

No Time to Die - Obviously!

The King’s Man - Hoping this is good because the Kingsmen franchise seemed like it was going to be epic, but that last sequel was not good (except for Elton, obviously).

Black Widow - I’m putting this on the list because no matter how much Marvel stuff annoys me, somehow it’s impossible not to watch. FOMO, right? But I’m really not happy about what they did to Black Widow in the big Endgame finale, and knowing that’s her fate, what’s the point of this movie?

Fast & Furious 9 - The other side of the Hobbs & Shaw fight. Supposedly it’s the most ambitious of the series, which really makes me nervous.

Ghostbusters 2020 - I have no problem with another Ghostbusters entry but the way they’ve been so dismissive of the female-led version grinds my gears.

Top Gun: Maverick - I think we’re all in agreement that no one needed this movie to be made, but it looks visually amazing from the trailer, and who doesn’t want to see Tom Cruise put himself through more crazy stunts just because he can?

Bill and Ted Face the Music - This really is a why. Is Keanu’s international treasure status enough to pull this off?

Onward / Soul - I’ve fallen behind a bit on Pixar films, but need to catch up. Them releasing two in one year isn’t going to help! I guess none of the more recent works have quite grabbed in the same way movies about cars or toys or fish or emotions have. But I should, by now, have enough faith in Pixar to give their new stuff a go.

Let’s regroup in twelve months and see how many of these I manage to watch!

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