Strictly Come Dancing 2019, Week 8 thoughts

Published November 11, 2019

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Is it Blackpool time?? Not quite yet but it is Blackpool drinking time. DRINK. I actually didn’t think the number of B word mentions was as high as it has been in the past, but maybe I was just mellow with a glass of wine in hand.

It’s that point in the competition, unfortunately helped by Will’s early exit, that when the dancers gather on the floor at the beginning, it’s starting to look quite empty. They still know how to put on a good show though.

Alex and Neil kick off the show, hooray for Neil being back! The beginning felt a bit wonky but there were some great kicks and flicks and Alex seems to have retained her sass and confidence from the past couple of weeks. Their finale double-leaning move was excellent! Love that Kevin was properly cheering them on from the sidelines too.

Mike’s flamenco at the start of his Paso was incredible. He’s clearly the weakest in the field at this point but so far improved from where he was even a couple of weeks ago. I’m not sure he had the full character you need but it felt like the best bits were the best he’s ever danced.

Amy and Karim had a couple of unfortunate mistakes but I really liked it. The performance was good, the fleckerl was very good, and them being at the top of a lighthouse at the start really confused my brain. You can see that he has a hard time controlling his adrenaline though. The scores were higher than the comments sounded.

As an aside, Claudia was on top form, explaining Blackpool rock to Michelle and teasing Karim about not being there. Bless. Also, why is Famke Janssen in the crowd?

Back to dancing, Chris and Karen up next. He did look a bit like a child who had been told not to giggle and was trying his best. He was doing the steps and getting it right, but you could tell it wasn’t comfortable, he didn’t have the performance element. Great attitude though, love how he accepts the judge’s words.

Michelle and Gio were SO GOOD. Loved the story, the dance was great, the song really fit the works and she had a great character. Loved the ending too, can’t believe there weren’t any tens.

Anton was doing his first ever couple’s choice and you could sort of tell he wasn’t sure what to do with it. We’re quite a way out of the foxtrot comfort zone here. But Emma did a great job, they were a little out of time in places but what a hard time to try and keep up! Excellent hat work.

Very disappointed Saffron and AJ’s Your Song is the Ellie version and not the Elton version. Good dance though, strong steps, good story, didn’t lift her foot through the drag which is super strong. Motsi paints herself into a ten corner.

Loving Oti getting to have a drive! What a fun dance to finish on. Bit of moonwalking, lots of hips, smoothness, loveliness. The timing went a bit wonky at the start and occasionally in the middle as well, but the tricks were fantastic. I really loved this one. A sideways slide, what even is that?

And I’m sure he’ll be very grateful to Shirley for the nickname Mr Powerful Musical Hips. Mr P. M. Hips.

So Saffron and Aj were at the top of the leaderboard, which I wasn’t so sure about. But what a shocker to have Michelle joining Mike in the dance off? It’s the first time in a while I feel like I’ve seen someone from so far up the leaderboard then appearing in the dance off.

Mike’s time to go though, and it was probably the right time. What a good journey he’s had, and what a fun way to finish by getting everyone involved in the conga! Lots of fun to come next week too, when they all get on the bus to Blackpool!

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