Strictly Come Dancing 2019, Week 10 thoughts

Published November 27, 2019

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Okay, people, things are getting serious. Partly because Saturday night was some of the first wine I’d had after being ill for a bit, and also because we’re edging closer to the part of the competition where all the episodes end in -final. Whoever gets through this is into the quarter-finals, Musicals week. Let’s go!

Actually, before we start, just gotta say… Bruno sings??

AJ and Saffron up first and wow, the song is so slow. It drags the whole thing down, feels heavy. Samba is so hard but somehow she was making it look hard too. Good effort but not quite perfect.

Loving the return of Tameka. Made me realise that I’m missing Gorka though.

Karim and Amy. Inspo pre-dance video. Also, it has to be noted that during the week there was a training video of Amy saying she didn’t want to let Karim down as if he’s the pro and she’s the celeb. And I can see that. He hits every beat bang on, if not ahead of it, whereas she sometimes seemed behind. Weird. Tess goes full on patronising, whilst Craig hits the nail upon the head again - good dancing but the story was missing.

Alex and Neil complete the first Argentine Tango of the series. She’s so good, there were undeniably a few wobbles, but so much better than I ever would have thought. Loving the concept of a sequin malfunction and somehow Tess SAVES THE DAY!! I feel like if you combine Craig and Motsi and you have the perfect judge. Is it possible to agree with every single judge even though they disagree with each other? Giovanni looked like he was gonna kill someone when Craig brought out the 4.

Kelvin can moonwalk on his knees, so… this competition is over. Wasn’t the best thing I’ve ever seen but enough to see him through for sure. I don’t know if it was his best work, but it obviously meant a lot to him and that makes it mean a lot to the viewer.

Emma and Anton, good quickstep. Just what you would expect from Anton in a solid ballroom performance. She did a great job, played with the camera etc. Judges have it right, when it was right it was wonderful, but a couple of mistakes. “I just wanted a fab-u-lous.”

And we finish off with Chris and Karen. He’s doing his absolute best and no disrespect to him but it didn’t grab me at all. Poor choice of song. Surprised they ended on this one. When was the last time Bruno marked less than Craig?

Surprise bottom two, for sure, but at this point it really could be anybody at any time. I’m not sad to see Saffron go, I think she did an excellent job but didn’t seem to have too much of a journey left to go on. I’m cheering for Alex although I don’t suppose she’ll get to the final.

If I had to make my predictions right now, okay, let’s go Kelvin, Karim and Alex. I can wish it into being!

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