Eighty books behind but a great place to start

Published November 4, 2019

Stack of books, paper and pen

Apple TV+ launched on Friday and yes, you can expect plenty of future updates on the content that came with it. Dickinson was mega! But this isn’t about that. This is about the first episode of Oprah’s Book Club distributed by Apple. I’ve already discussed how I dived right in and started reading the book as Apple quite cleverly coincided the book club with their new reading goals in the Books app.

I finished my first ever Oprah Book Club pick and was eagerly awaiting the discussion which was released with the new service launch on Friday. I’m trying not to think about the 80 or so books that have been selected by Queen Oprah before that I have not read, because that sends me a bit loopy.

Instead I’m focusing on this one that I have read, because I’ve never been involved in any kind of book club before and it was so fun to see how this one unfolded.

The hour long episode of the show featured Oprah discussing the book with author Ta-Nehisi Coates and there was some great insight into how he came up with the ideas, how it pieced together, and the sheer volume of research he did. There was a great outside broadcast piece were Coates took a film crew to Monticello and talked about how that inspired him.

It wasn’t a perfect piece of television, as the audience participation bit felt lengthy. Of course a book club is all about discussing how different people feel about the work, but I was far less interested in some woman’s dream as I was in how the author felt about people struggling with the lengthy opening sentence.

Overall, though, I really enjoyed it as a bookend to the process of reading this novel. As an aside, Mr C watched this first episode with me and said he enjoyed it without having gone anywhere near the book, so that’s also a good sign. Oprah’s next book is being revealed this week which just gives me a chance to finish off what I’m currently reading before diving into the next homework assignment. Can’t wait!

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