Strictly Come Dancing 2019, Week 4 thoughts

Published October 14, 2019

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It only took four weeks to get some Strictly Come controversy but I have to admit I was surprised by the bottom two and the subsequent decision by the judges. However, before we get there, here are some quick notes about the dances as they happened.

Chris Ramsay went first, and I quite enjoyed the inside basketball included in the dance. It was good although I’m not totally sure I like the non-pointy-foot option. He is a funny one though, “let’s see that leaderboard!”

I like that Anton and Emma choreographed their thing together, it’s nice when it starts to get collaborative. It was totes emosh, I don’t really care one way or the other for the Viennese Waltz but they made it special - has Anton ever scored this highly?

Dev seems like such a good guy but that Cha Cha wasn’t the best. Motsi was probably right that he wasn’t projecting to us but focused too much on Diane. Not a surprise though, given the amount of fringing she had, I couldn’t take my eyes off that either.

I wasn’t expecting Catherine’s Charleston to be particularly good but it was a lot of fun, worth the bruising she had on her arms from those lifts. I don’t know how good the fundamental Charleston was but the tricks were good and the sass was great. Properly love Johannes too!

I was SO worried about the band doing a cover of Fleetwood Mac, it’s one of my favourite songs, but they pulled it off. Alex did a good job on the tango, but probably not up there with the best of them.

David James was doing all the steps but his legs are so long it looked kinda goofy to me, and his smile all the way round doesn’t help. It was a big improvement but jeez, it was overmarked. Bruno gave it an 8??

Kelvin looked great in training and managed to do another incredible job. Craig was speechless, I’m not sure I’ve ever seen the judges lose their shit like this.

Viscountess Emma did a couple of fun tricks and she was doing the moves but the conviction was missing, to my mind.

Michelle’s dance looked like it didn’t come naturally but she did a great job with it, a lot of complicated steps. I didn’t see what all the fuss was about with the tiny arm issue at the end, it wasn’t really like clocking her in the head.

I was worried about this Will one, the character was missing a bit as he was concentrating so hard. But the good bits were great! He kept saying he was happy with it but he obviously wasn’t.

Mike’s song was awful and it wasn’t really clear why Katya had a bit of a meltdown. It was such a fast dance, I’m not sure it truly worked, but it was far better than we had any right to expect from Mike.

Saffron and Aj were good but that kind of contemporary just isn’t my bag.

Karim looked a little bit wobbly but it was good, and I LOVED Amy’s dress. Great song, great outfit, great dance. The comments and the scores meant Karim beat Kelvin, even though he properly melted the judges.

I really didn’t think Alex and Neil deserved to be at the bottom of the leaderboard, but in the end it didn’t matter. David James was saved from three dance offs in a row, and instead it was Emma versus Dev.

Clearly it was a shock, and Dev was the better dancer, but I can sort of see why his Cha Cha wouldn’t have won the judges round this time. They always say they’re just judging on the dance they see in front of them, even though we’re all yelling at the screen about who should really be going through.

Poor Diane was an absolute mess and Dev was so lovely hugging her. He will be missed. But the show goes on and there are more dances to be delivered next week! Hooray!

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