Hindsight is 20 / 20

Published August 9, 2019

Add this app to the pile of really useful things that I didn’t know I needed. Hindsight app’s sole goal is to give you a countback timer from the last time you did something. So it might be that you are trying to break a habit – the last time I smoked a cigarette – or that you are trying to keep to a goal – visit my friend every two weeks – or simply that you want to have a way of being accountable for something – last time I stacked the dishwasher and forgot to switch it on.

You log an occurrence of something, and then the app starts counting. Seconds at first. Hours, days. If it happens again, you simply swipe to log another and the timer resets.

It’s so simple and something I thought was cool but would never have a use for. At the moment, I have six or seven timers on the go, so it turns out I was wrong.

My favourite piece of the puzzle, however, is the graph of occurrences, allowing you to visualise just how well or badly you are doing.

Hindsight visualisation

(I’m not going to tell you if this is me doing well or badly at something.)

Try it, it’s fun. And even if you can’t think of anything to log right now, download the app and just wait. At some point you’re bound to think: Oh it’s ages since I did that, or god I need to stop doing that. And that’s where Hindsight kicks in.

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