Look after the Pennies

Published June 23, 2019

If you’re ever reviewing your finances, it’s easy to look at the bigger picture: current accounts, savings, mortgages. But as the saying goes, it’s useful to look after those pennies as well because they can start to add up to more meaningful numbers.

The Pennies app helps you do just that, with a super simple and clean interface that sets up a budget and tries to ensure you stick to it.

Pennies app on Apple Watch

You get options for setting up your budget, whether it is weekly or monthly, the currency and crucially whether you want to be able to rollover any balances at the end of the period. So far I’ve not had to do a lot of that, unfortunately!

And whenever you spend, you can add super easily from your watch or your phone and it will give you great visual clues about how you’re doing - overspending, or on track, green is good, red is bad. As they put it:

Pennies is friendly, bold and unbelievably easy to use. Should you spend or should you save? The answer has never been so simple. Pennies shows your spending and finance health with bold colours, helping you slow down or speed up to keep you on track.

I was a bit dubious about how much use I would get out of this app to start with - quite often I download pretty apps and forget about them - but it grabbed me and has turned out to be quite a useful tool for monitoring spend that otherwise might go un-noticed. It’s not going to make you rich, but it might help you save a few pennies.

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