Anything for an award

Published June 1, 2019

I suspect I have talked before at length about how fun I find the Apple Watch activity badges, and how they encourage me to keep moving. Recently I’ve been less obsessed with them, getting on with my own plans and seeing what badges fall my way without forcing it.

However, this month, something weird happened and I wanted to get the monthly badge so desperately despite the odds being significantly against me. It was a calorie count achievement, and it seemed quite tricky but I was making good progress. Then I had a bad few days and figured I probably wasn’t going to get the badge after all. Except on the final day of the month, it was tantalisingly close.

So this happened.

Tweet from Mr C: “It’s Friday evening, I have wine, sofa and a movie. @mrschristine is currently burning 200 calories to nail one more activity award before the end of the month. Sometimes I’m exhausted just knowing her.”

It was last minute and each time I checked the potential badges I was working towards, another one popped up. Getting the monthly badge meant doubling my move goal which in turn meant reaching a brand new highest move goal and equally a brand new highest exercise goal as well. It was hard work but look at the rewards.

All the activity awards

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