Rocketing through each hour

Published April 22, 2019

Checklist of Elton John’s Rocket Hour episodes

Beats 1, Apple’s live streaming radio service, has a lot of great content. It can be hard to keep on top of it, and I’ll admit it does lean towards the cooler end of the music spectrum than I would place my own listening habits. However, what they do well is getting a variety of guest presenters in to host a show and therefore airing lots of different tastes and views.

One of the most enduring shows on the station is Elton John’s Rocket Hour, an hour of Elton picking his favourite songs – new, old and obscure – as well as chatting with his many friends. After dipping in and out of a couple of episodes, I decided the only correct thing to do was to go back and start from the beginning of the Rocket Hour archive.

This was working great. Okay, some of the “new” songs were actually a bit old, but the mix of tunes is great and I love a project. I even started a playlist of “As Heard on Rocket Hour” songs that I’ve enjoyed on my travels through this show’s lengthy history.

However, just 25 episodes in and I stumbled upon an unforeseen problem. Episode 26 was a Christmas Special. But it’s April. The options were to skip the show and listen out of order, or listen to the jingle of sleigh bells just as the daffodils are bursting forth.

I opted for the latter, in a moment where I was quite busy concentrating on something else so only the occasional reference to snow and santa drifted in to my consciousness. By all accounts, it was a good show, just not made for mid-way through the year. At least now I can continue the journey, but am going to need to work a bit harder to time the next Christmas special right so I can listen during the festive season.

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