Podcast of the Month - The Good Place

Published February 25, 2019

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Whilst I am up to date with The Good Place (makes a change!), I hadn’t realised there was a podcast from the makers that dated back to the end of series one. Recently I heard some chatter about how good the podcast was, and so I quickly subscribed and started catching up. The chatter was right, this show is really good.

Obviously you should only listen if you have watched the show they are talking about, but once you’re in the know, the extra insight you gain from this podcast is incredible. Hosted by actor Marc Evan Jackson, who is in the show, the podcast gathers a rotating guest list of other actors (including stars Ted Danson and Kristen Bell), as well as creators, writers, directors, producers, wardrobe, set designers, visual effects, anyone who is involved in making The Good Place as good as it sounds.

Jackson is a natural host, funny and charming and bringing out the best in his subjects, but everyone that appears on the show has great stories and bring you closer to the show, letting you dive into the details that you might not even have thought of. Things like the fact that whenever the group would have to write essays on ethics, those would actually be written in the style of the character – Tahani’s mentioning some celebrity or other, Jason’s in several different colours of pen with ink blobs here and there. The tiny details are what makes the show great and the podcast worth a listen.

The topics covered are wide in scope, from the making of a television show, to how people got their start in the business, to the ethics behind making a show about ethics, and as such, you never know what you’re going to get with each episode, making each a joy to listen to.

The only annoying thing about any of it is that it makes me want to rewatch the first couple of series again so I can spot some of the things they are talking about. And there’s so much TV out there, rewatching isn’t really on my agenda at the moment. But maybe I can make an exception. I probably need the points, anyway!

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