On shuffle

Published January 27, 2019


Catching up with a recent Graham Norton Show episode, The 1975 were on to promote their latest album and tour and whatnot, and I believe they might have told the greatest story that’s been on that show. Matty Healy, talking on behalf of his bandmate, described to Saoirse Ronan and assembled guests a situation regarding one of her movies.

Adam came into rehearsal ages ago, once, and he said to me, he was like: “Have you seen that Lovely Bones film?” And I was like “Yeah.” And he was like, “It’s mad, isn’t it?” I was like: “It’s great, it’s good.”

He was like: “No, it’s like… it’s like mad. It’s like she’s dead, and then she’s alive and then there’s the credits and then there’s some other people. I watched the whole thing, it was completely mad.”

And I was quite confused, because I’d seen it, I just thought it was really good.

And he came in the next day, and he was like: “Oh… my DVD player’s on shuffle.”

This is crazy funny. He must have been SO confused. Why would a DVD player even have a shuffle option? It makes no sense! And Adam admitted he’s not seen the film in the proper order since, so he must still wonder what it was all about.

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