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Published December 24, 2018

Amazon Prime Wardrobe

Somehow, I managed to miss the fact that Amazon launched their new Wardrobe service for Prime members a few weeks ago. Instead, it only popped up when shopping for something else, but it was very quickly apparent this was something I wanted to try. Shopping is not one of the most fun experiences for me, particularly for clothes or shoes or anything like that, so whatever can make that easier, quicker, just less hassle, then I’m on board.

The idea is a typical Amazon one, a delivery service in which you order between 3 and 8 items (clothing, shoes, accessories) from a range of own-brand and high street names, and get them shipped to your door. Then comes the fun part, though, where you get seven days to try the stuff on and if you don’t like it or it doesn’t fit, you just send it back and pay nothing for the privilege. You don’t pay for anything until you’ve decided if you want it or not, and of course, you’re only charged for what you keep.

So, I’ve known about Prime Wardrobe for about two weeks and have managed two deliveries so far, sending just one thing back. The joy of not having to try things on in those drafty changing rooms, or elbowing people out the way to get to the size of garment you require, it can’t be over-stated. Also, shoe shopping in stores is a particular pain as I have not-average-sized feet and there is never anything on display to try on that actually fits. So getting things shipped to the door is perfect.

The only two hassles are:

  • You do have to make the effort to go to a Royal Mail drop off point if you want to return anything. Hardly asking a lot given the service in question but worth bearing in mind.
  • Also, sometimes searching for things can be a bit wonky - you find something you really like, but it depends on the size or colour you want as to whether it is actually part of the Wardrobe collection or not.

So far, I’ve not had any issues with the Prime Wardrobe service and it solves a lot of problems that I have had with shopping out in the real world. I know the high street is suffering and it’s directly because of services like this but for me, it’s the ideal option. It’s up to the high street to consider their direction from here, because it’s convenience that is queen.

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