Assassins and bodyguards

Published October 6, 2018

The entire country went crazy for the recent BBC drama The Bodyguard, featuring Richard Madden and Keeley Hawes as a bodyguard and cabinet minister respectively. I came to this show late, as always, so was almost completely spoiled in terms of who did what, who died when, and what the outcome of it all was. That being the case, it wasn’t quite as intriguing for me as I imagine it was for other people, but it was still good.

The last episode, in particular, was a masterclass in suspense especially around the ‘red wire, blue wire’ scenes. Richard Madden was excellent, a revelation to me, as he was through the entire series. I wasn’t that bothered by Hawes, although people rave about her so I am in the minority. And the underlying story, the politics gone wild, corruption in the high ranks, actual whodunit mystery, I wasn’t that interested in. I liked the bodyguard and I liked the two police officers who were on his side.

It was a good show, but I much preferred Killing Eve, which has emerged in popularity around the same time. The BBC America production starring Sandra Oh and Jodie Comer follows the adventures of an assassin and the unlikely MI5 agent tracking her down. Unlikely, only because Eve was formerly in a desk-based role and often seems out of her depth, despite having the balls and intelligence to run circles around most of the people on screen.

This show has lightness amongst the dark, hints of comedy amongst the gore, some great central performances and even better supporting actors (Fiona Shaw and David Haig two absolute favourites). Glad to see this has gained a second series, and I know people are hoping for a second outing for The Bodyguard too. Hopefully they will be released at different times though, so I don’t end up binge-watching them both in a week.

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