Rain, rain, rain today

Published August 29, 2018

There are all sorts of weather apps available out there, from the quirky Carrot forecasts to the more staid Met Office offerings. Their use very much depends on how you like your weather forecasting – long range and high level, a broad overview of the country at large, or as I prefer, very localised to-the-minute weather predictions.

That’s where Rain Today comes in. It’s a great app for one purpose – telling you whether it is raining, or whether it’s going to in the very near future. Obviously you can look out the window for the present weather conditions, but knowing whether you need to take a brolly on that short errand you’re going to run can be very useful.

Rain Today app

The app has temperature and precipitation details, but my favourite part of the app is the satellite style rain tracker. You can see the blue clouds of rain, if there is any, where they have been and where they are heading towards in the next hour. It helps you know whether to risk that run to the shop for a pack of biscuits, probably less of a priority if there’s a band of blue moving rapidly towards your location.

I use Rain Today in conjunction with other apps, because it doesn’t look much further forward than an hour or two. But for those immediate decisions based upon whether you’re going to get wet if you step outside your front door, it’s the perfect product.

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