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Published June 24, 2018

We watched the Westworld edition of Carpool Karaoke yesterday, and thought “Yea, I know there’s a Paul McCartney one out but it can’t be as good as this.” Evan and James had great chemistry, great fun and got up to some fab antics with bonus Westworld memes thrown in there for good measure. So, we turned to the Paul McCartney and James Corden episode and… well, we couldn’t have been more wrong, could we?

(As an aside, how have we managed to get into a situation where there are two editions of the same show made by different people released on the same day to compete against each other?)

You’ll have seen this, by now, I’m sure. Everyone has and everyone is in agreement - this is a fantastic twenty minutes of television.

Tweet from Richard Osman: “The James Corden ‘Carpool Karaoke’ with Paul McCartney is, apart from everything else, a very beautiful, and beautifully made piece of television. What an absolute joy…”

It was amazing that Paul agreed to do this, and he was a fantastic sport throughout the whole thing. His nostalgia tour of the streets and buildings that influenced the early songwriting days was inspirational and emotional, and the moment where he comforts James and follows it up with a comfortable silence was wonderful.

It’s also incredible that just his mere presence can still draw crowds - the guy is just walking in and out of a house, and there’s a huge crowd waiting to see him, touch him, tell him they love him, just be in his vicinity. And he handles it all with good grace.

Plus, of course, the jukebox gig in the pub is great and showcases what a wide variety of demographic the Beatles music still appeals to. Young and old appreciate the man and this twenty minute episode was a great way of proving it.

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