The alphabet is hard

Published May 13, 2018

Here’s a piece of advice for anyone starting a new project or challenge or adventure that requires a little bit of structure:


It seems like such an obvious and fun choice. I’m going to set myself a baking challenge, why not a cake for every letter of the alphabet? I’m going to write a book of short stories, why not start each title with the next letter in the alphabet? I’m going to visit various attractions around the UK, why not do it in alphabetical order?

That last one is me, by the way, in case you’re a new reader. The Alphabet Adventure seemed such a genius idea when I dreamt it up, but that’s because the first half of the alphabet is easy. From A-P, you’re having an absolute laugh. K can sometimes be a bit tricky, but mostly, it’s all fun and games.

Then you get to Q, which presents different degrees of difficulty depending on what you’re trying to achieve. V can be tricky, but then you’re hit with the triple whammy of X, Y, and Z.

The horror!

My recent cop-out proves all too well how difficult it can be to find a UK attraction starting with X (not impossible, but the options are certainly limited), and goodness knows what I’m going to do for Z.

I’m not alone in finding the alphabet tricky. Other recent examples have also struggled with the bottom half of those 26 pesky letters.

So, my advice? Don’t do it. If you’re planning a travel-based adventure, just go places because you want to and because they appeal, not because they start with a specific letter of the alphabet.

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