Film Watch notes - further improvements

Published January 31, 2018

Soon, Film Watch will reach its ninth birthday, having catalogued over 800 films so far and still going strong. More than anything, for me, it’s a handy reminder of what’s been viewed and an easy way to settle arguments between Mr C and myself about a) whether we have watched a film before and b) what we thought of it. The actual live blogging of the film is less important to me after the event, but is hugely important to ensure I’m paying attention as the film goes by.

I wrote a few years ago about the evolution of my note-taking process, starting as it did with a notebook and pen, and eventually graduating to an iPad. I thought it was worth a quick update, because the process couldn’t get much more streamlined at this point, unless they develop a way for your thoughts just to appear on a blog the moment you think them.

When last I checked in, I was typing up the notes on an iPad, getting the timings from an iPod, and then using iCloud as a better-than-iTunes-but-still-quite-clunky syncing process. Things haven’t changed enormously since then, but a few tweaks have made the publish process even easier.

Firstly, split-screen on the iPad means I no longer have to use two devices to keep track of everything. I can have my notes taking up two thirds of the screen, and the clock app tucked away down one side.

Secondly, I’ve used a few different apps for taking the notes, settling for a long time on Word and using Dropbox to sync the files back to my Mac for blogging. But, I’ve really been loving the Bear notes app, and find that the magic of tagging files and them syncing immediately through all your devices makes the process ridiculously easy.

Film Watch evolution

So from here, I can quickly and easily transfer to my Mac where I publish to the Film Watch blog. In reality, I could go from initial thoughts to publish all from the iPad, but I find the process of getting images into the Wordpress app and in the right place somewhat awkward on iOS. Hopefully this is the next step in the evolution, but as it stands, it’s almost perfect as it is.

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