Playing with playlists - Colour chart

Published November 24, 2017

I always think November is a colourful month. Autumn is really kicking in, so the trees are rapidly changing hue and shedding their leaves. There are leftover Halloween themed items around, so orange and purple and green are scattered on doorsteps and in shops. Plus, of course, firework night – as annoying and loud as it can be – has a main promise of lighting up the sky with various shapes and colours.

So, that being the case, my November playlist is all about colour too.

  1. Little Blue, Beautiful South
  2. Red, Taylor Swift
  3. Back to Black, Amy Winehouse
  4. Yellow, Coldplay
  5. Mr Blue Sky, ELO
  6. Back in Black, AC/DC
  7. Paint the Town Green, The Script
  8. Green Light, Lorde
  9. Black or White, Michael Jackson
  10. White Flag, Dido
  11. Purple Rain, Prince
  12. 99 Red Balloons, Nina
  13. Purple Pills, D12
  14. Black Eyes, Blue Tears, Shania Twain
  15. Behind These Hazel Eyes, Kelly Clarkson
  16. Big Yellow Taxi, Joni Mitchell
  17. Black and White Town, Doves
  18. Fields of Gold, Sting
  19. Into the Blue, Kylie Minogue
  20. Little Red Wagon, Miranda Lambert
  21. Men in Black, Will Smith
  22. Pink, Aerosmith
  23. Red Alert, Basement Jaxx
  24. Supermassive Black Hole, Muse
  25. Welcome to the Black Parade, My Chemical Romance
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